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Feel Good

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In Feel Good, I share one of the foundational tools for healing from trauma and enjoying your life more fully. In this self-paced course, I discuss trauma, embodiment, and guide you through practices that can help you feel better directly in your body. You'll come understand the importance of feeling good to support your healing and growth, why feeling good is difficult for so many, and learn and experience simple and easy-to-use tools to regulate your emotions, calm your nervous system, and consciously choose how to shift your state of being. These tools can be used to support you through panic attacks, times of heightened anxiety, frustration, depression, stress, or a general sense of feeling off, and to enhance your capacity to appreciate, enjoy, and love your life. Feel Good is an audio course which you can listen to anytime—while driving, doing the dishes, going on a walk, etc. It contains 18 tracks spanning almost 2 hours, including 13 lessons, 3 guided meditations, 2 embodiment breaks, and a two-page pdf guide you can easily refer to to help integrate the main tool of this course in your life. Feel Good is not about bypassing hardships or suffering—it's meant to help you face and navigate life's challenges with greater resilience, strength, confidence, and ease. I’m so glad you’ve found this course. May it bring more health, wholeness, and goodness to you and to all life.

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