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I'm a trauma therapist who helps self-aware adults step fully into their authenticity and potential. Through a therapeutic process that works with our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies, you can heal trauma and unlearn childhood conditioning, release limiting patterns and beliefs, and shift behaviors.

This process creates the embodied awareness needed for you to live in alignment with your whole and integrated self.

Living With Trauma

Trauma is the body’s response to an overwhelming situation. And it’s no secret, we’re living through deeply traumatic times.

From the planetary and societal violence of modernity, to the daily struggles of trying to find peace and happiness in often detached and draining lifestyles, it can feel nearly impossible to connect with joy, let alone your most heart-filling inspirations and purpose in life.

Beyond the ongoing pain of this era, you have undoubtedly experienced personal trauma, whether Big “T” Traumas like abuse or major accidents, or little “t” traumas such as loss, bullying, illness, or being consistently misunderstood and misattuned to.

At times in your life, you may have experienced or glimpsed the preciousness and meaningfulness of life. You probably want to feel that way again; yet living with unresolved personal and collective trauma makes those feelings unreachable.

Moving Beyond Trauma

You can heal trauma and live a life of happiness, meaningfulness, and wholeness.

In somatic therapy, I will help you release the intensity of the traumas you’ve survived on every level of your being—body, heart, mind, and spirit. I hold a compassionate and unwavering space in which you can safely feel your inner wisdom and resilience, where your emotions won't overwhelm you but can profoundly empower you.

Guided meditations, awareness practices, and interactive exercises will increase your ability to tolerate all feelings and sensations in life, including experiencing greater levels of pleasure, joy, and contentment. Along the way, I’ll support your comfort with setting and maintaining boundaries, honoring your yes's and your no's in the therapeutic process and in your life.

When a group of people experience the same traumatic event, some come out with disturbing symptoms and some return to life unscathed. The difference is in how the event is processed, navigated, and moved through, and the meaning someone puts on the event.

In these times of personal and collective trauma, finding your wholeness—your inherent wellbeing, purpose, and passion in life—is healing, not just for you but also for the planet. We each play a part in the story of this era. Let me help you find your role and connect with the medicine you can offer these times, your community, and yourself.

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Dan Halpern, MA LPCC

About Dan

About Dan Halpern

As an MA in Counseling (Regis University) and a lifelong spiritual practitioner, I bridge the gap between modern mental health and timeless wisdom. I bring to therapy many years of training and service as a counselor, working on a crisis line, on a hospice team, and supporting adults with developmental disabilities, as well as decades of meditation, retreats, and spiritual study and practice in many different mystical and world wisdom traditions.

To me, mindfulness and spirituality supports living in greater connection with our essential nature and limitless potential, while also deeply rooting ourselves in a web of belonging with the human and more-than-human worlds. In other words, I don’t see spirituality as a way to transcend and escape this life, but to come into and live it more fully.

I specialize in treating recent and childhood trauma, relationship issues, existential crises, and integrating one’s spirituality into daily life. I work with individuals on a spiritual or contemplative path, as well as those for whom that’s not a central aspect of their life.

I hold certificates in EMDR; Somatic Soul-Based Trauma work, a 9-month training I’ve also assisted; Integrative Somatic Parts Work; and Foundation Studies in Anthroposophic Social Therapy.  

In addition to being a counselor, I’m also a father, husband, poet, dancer, and musician.

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